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Campsite F.A.Q


Do we have to bring our own bed linen?

Yes, except for the luxury cottages, Key West and Atlantis

Are barbecues allowed?

Yes, except when a prefectoral order is passed.

Are pets allowed?

Yes, on leashes and with documentation showing their up-to-date vaccination status. (First and second category dogs are not allowed).

What are the possible check-in days?

  • In the campsite: every day.
  • For the lodgings: Every day in May, June, and September (with a 2-night minimum stay) and on Saturdays in July and August
  • For the tents for hire: Every day in any period with a 2-night minimum stay.

What happens if we arrive late on the check-in day?

If possible, please warn the reception office during their opening hours.

Otherwise, an explanatory note with your name will be posted on the message board just in front of the reception office.

Where is the closest medical clinic and the closest hospital?

The closest clinic is located in Matignon (5 minutes away), the closest hospitals are in Saint-Malo, Saint Brieuc and Dinan (All of them are around 45 minutes away).

Where are the closest supermarkets located?

Super U in Matignon (5 minutes away), Lidl and Leclerc (15 minutes away)

Can we have visitors?

They must stop by the reception office, and depending on how long they are staying, an additional fee will be requested.

Do you accept unaccompanied minors?

No. The presence of parents is required. For the safety of your children, we cannot have the campsite or its employees held responsible.

Are there optional televisions and barbecues in the lodgings?

This is a free service that is already set up in all the mobile homes.

You can also find a small TV room in the bar and a giant screen for major events.

Do I have to wear a bathing suit or swimming shorts to use the pool?

Bathing suits are required for hygienic reasons.

What forms of payment do you accept?

  • Bank transfer (before your arrival)
  • Debit card
  • Cash
  • Traveller's checks
  • Checks from French banks

Are their bicycles for hire?

Not at the campsite, but at “Place de l'Isle”, which is a 5-minute walk away.

What is the closest train station, ferry terminal, and airport?

  • The train stations are Lamballe (30 min) and Saint Malo (45 min)
  • The ferry terminal is in Saint Malo (45 min)
  • The airport is in Pleurtuit (Dinard: 35 min)

Is it possible to set up a tent next to my mobile home in the same camping spot?

You must ask the team at the reception office when you make your reservation. All the camping spots are set up differently and for some it is not possible.

How much is the tourist tax?

It is applied over the full holiday period, but it only pertains to guests 18 years and older. The tax is €0.50 per day per person (for the 2017 season).

When do we have to settle the balance of our stay?

When you arrive, our team will review all the aspects of your stay and inspect your lodging, then you will be required to pay the balance.

Is the pool open during the entire open season at the campsite? Is it heated and covered?

The pool is open during the entire season at the campsite (except in the case of force majeure or a weather event that is deemed dangerous). It is heated to 27° and covered by a sliding cover.

Can we choose our camping spot or mobile home?

If you already know the campsite and its setup, we will try to accommodate your request. For new guests, please tell the reception team about your wishes. They know the campsite very well and can adapt your wishes to the campsite's restrictions (and the schedule that requires certain changes).

How many people can stay in the camping spots or in the lodgings?

  • For the camping spots, the maximum is six people.
  • For the lodgings, it depends on the lodging chosen (from 2 to 8 people max.)

How many vehicles are allowed in the camping spots?

Only one vehicle is allowed. The others must be parked in the car park, which is located at the campsite's entrance.