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Côtes d'Armor campsite complies with the Ecolabel Charter

Since the Ecolabel Charter is not just a simple marketing statement, but a reflection of a sincere policy, staff members are made aware of it when they arrive at the campsite. See all the applied technical measures:

For all of our lodgings:

We chose the building contractor O'hare, the only builder of mobile homes with ISO 14 001 certification. It ensures an environmentally friendly manner of construction.

Today 95% of the materials used by O'hara are recyclable.

The mobile homes are equipped with an ignition switch to limit the lighting only for the times when the users are present. There is a minute-timer on the outdoor lighting and refrigerator with Classe A+ energy ratings as well as electrically controlled convectors. Recycling/sorting bags are also available.

  • We use LED light bulbs because they last six times longer than low-consumption bulbs.
  • Our sanitary facilities are equipped with motion-sensor lights. The showers have pressure buttons, and each toilet has a flow restrictor.
  • Our pool has a heat pump and a dosage pump that limits the use of chlorine.
  • Our gardening staff recycles the wood from pruning into mulch. Trimming is done to clean our borders and paths. That way we were able to stop using any pesticides.
  • All our cleaning products are eco-friendly.
  • All the water access points located in the campsite have pressure buttons that reduces water waste.
  • We have a recycling area for plastic packaging, paper and glass (in the car park located at the campsite's entrance).
  • We collect your use light bulbs and batteries at the reception office.
  • Our sanitary facilities and the water system is inspected once a year for leaks and to ensure its safe to drink.
  • A certificate for the development of renewable energies was signed in 2012, and 135MWh of energy fed into our electricity network comes from a renewable source of energy.