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Campsite accommodation in Brittany

Basic amenities in all the lodgings for hire:

  • Dishes and cooking utensils, household necessities, bedding including blankets and pillows, refrigerator (ones equipped with a freezer unit for lodgings for 4 people or more) coffee machine, microwave, garden furniture or picnic table, Woodened terrace.
  • The sheets, pillowcases (except for luxury lodgings) and cleaning products are not provided. Bed sheet hire is only available with a reservation.
The price includes: hire of accommodation, vehicle parking, water and electricity, access to campsite facilities and activities.

Before your arrival, the maintenance team is hard at work to unsure your well being so that your holidays start in clean and agreeable surroundings.

The welcoming team also performs an inspection.

As soon as you arrive, we invite you to contact us as quickly as possible if you notice that we forgot something or there is a technical problem (since we respect as much as possible the private lives of our employees, we hope you can understand that they are not available after 7PM for minor problems.)

If you want to make the most out of your stay and you arrive a bit late, you can contact us for more information.

Reserving your stay directly by contacting Le Châtelet campsite offers:

  • Contact with a person who knows the campsite
  • A personalised reservation adapted to you and your family's needs
  • Lodgings maintained in the winter and completely cleaned before your arrival
  • The balance of the payment done only at your arrival
  • A special offer for our loyal customers
Reserving your stay at Le Châtelet campsite: indulge in the simple pleasures of life…